WD-MT Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Areas of application: WD-MT2 High definition car security inspection mirrors are mainly used for sports games, important meetings, local police station, hotels, large factories, gymnasiums, cinemas, theatres and the venue check for explosives and dangerous goods such as car parking. Used in the airport terminal slit security checks, stop check, check military area, personal car inspection, etc.
1. All parts is aluminum design that prolong the use age.
2. Quick release and telescopic rod set.
3. The LED light could be take off as a traffic light.
Mirror: 330*265cm rectangle low profile convex mirror to offer two times view of under carriage.
Light source: This under vehicle security inspection mirror equipped with a water-proof high lumen LED baton which have three mode for vehicle base, engine house searching. Use 4 AA commercial battery alkaline or rechargeable.
Can move arbitrarily: Equipped with adjustable swivel to meet your need.
Hand grip: Foam protection for convenient operation
Wheels: Three low noise rubber caster wheels pre-installed on WD-MT2 search mirror. Metal wheels (3 PCS) in packing. Stainless steel LED baton clips.
Battery: Use 4 AA commercial battery alkaline or rechargeable.
Carry: Aluminum water tight case
Package & Shipping
Unit weight: 7KG
Package size: 770*580*450mm (5pcs/carton)
Gross weight: 27KG
12 months, Limited parts
Standard Contents
330*265cm rectangle convex mirror
Hand grip
LED torch
Stainless steel LED baton clips
Wheel set
Cleaning cloth
User manual