WD-UVIS03 Under Vehicle Inspection System

1/4 SONY CCD Color Camera.
90 degree motor tilting move and stop controllable
Wide screen 7″ LCD Detachable Display (Video record function on GTR model)
2*3W super bright controllable LED Illumination
Waterproof Camera and lighting pods
Long reach search trolley and economic design hand grip part
Low noise and smooth caster wheel for smooth control
Lightweight Probe (2.2Kg) with Display
11.7V 5000mAh capacity Li technology rechargeable batteries with Minimum
six hrs stand by condition.
Stored in a waterproof ABS case.

Full One Year
The portable Under Vehicle Inspection Camera is a video camera designed for security professionals to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles. The system was created to provide a method to quickly and easily visualize the entire underside of a vehicle. The system incorporates a high-resolution color video camera with a fully integrated illumination system to provide clear views under day and night lighting conditions.

Operational flexibility is maximized by the detachable color LCD video display.

The system can be used with the display attached for efficient one hand operation allowing the officer to cover his weapon in high-risk searches. With the display detached, the operator is free to move the display to increase comfort or optimize viewing.

Operators also can choose the accessory carry type monitor mount with closer view of video hand free.