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Get to Know About Handheld Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are no more an unusual item in life. Since the advance of detecting technology, metal detector has become indispensible for detecting activities and public guarding system. Those who not yet grow interest in treasure hunting must also have the experience of close contact with the product more or less in public occasions, where handheld type metal detectors are frequently seen. When being body-searched by a metal detector by security personnel, have you ever wondered what that stuff is in his hand? Please read the following to get an understanding of the item.

Handheld metal detectors are design to detect the exact position of metals hidden inside luggage, parcels and fabrics etc. It is widely applied in places like airport, train station, prison, chip factory, hospital and so on, which play an important complementary role to walkthrough detector. Handheld detectors are portable, highly sensitive and very easy to operate. With handheld detectors and walkthrough metal detectors go hand in hand, the detecting efficiency and effect can be greatly improved. Nowadays,handheld metal detectors is being applied to perform more functions, entrance guard for public occasions, as well as companies and factories' guard against theft, exam anti-cheating etc.

If your work and life involve usage of handheld metal detectors, you'd better have command of the solutions to a few common problems encountered concerning handheld metal detector usage.

Firstly, the hand held metal detector sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. This may be caused by poor contact of the power. Check battery installation to find if any of the batteries got loose or the battery buckle is not tight enough. Secondly, the metal detector makes alarms for anything, even a slight shaking. The reason for this may be that you over set the sensitivity or forget to turn it back to normal level after detecting super-tiny metals. Just reset the sensitivity in this case. Thirdly, within1-2seconds after starting-up, the detector keep making alarm and vibrating. Overly high sensitivity and power shortage may lead to such a situation. So recharge or exchange the battery. Turn down the sensitivity when making alarm. Do note the turning down sensitivity makes no difference to detecting accuracy. Detectors with vibration encounter vibration problems while the buzzer still works well. That is usually because the voltage will be reduced after usage for a certain time. So the voltage can only support operation of buzzer. In the case, you also need to change or recharge the batteries. Turn down the sensitivity will also work. Thirdly, the red light is on after starting up, but the detector cannot make alarm nor vibrate. That may be brought by battery discharge during the detector is not being used. Check if there is battery liquid leakage, clean it if it does or also change battery.

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